Danmarks uafhængige cykelportal

DT Swiss med ny repræsentation i Norden DT Swiss med ny repræsentation i Norden
Cycle Service Nordic udnævnt til ny nordisk distributør af DT Swiss pr 1 januar 2020. DT Swiss med ny repræsentation i Norden

Den markedsdominerende hjulproducent DT Swiss skifter distributionspartner i hele Skandinavien fra den 1 januar 2020.

DT Swiss er kendt for deres hjul og affjedringskomponenter af høj kvalitet, vil fremover blive distribueret i hele Norden af Cycle Service

DT Swiss statement
“Cycle Service Nordic is one of the largest P&A distributors in the Nordic region, having a strong
service approach and well educated sportive outside sales team, covering a full portfolio of brands
and products for the cycling industry, making the match with DT Swiss a very strong partnership.
At DT Swiss we meticulously develop high end cycling components that provide a competitive edge to
very ambitious cyclist. We are passionate about our products, and we take great pride in developing
products that add value to customers and benefit the industry. With Cycle Service Nordic as a new
partner in the Nordic region we share these values and we are able to strengthen our presence and
also bring the level of service that our new partner brings even closer to the end consumer.”

Interesserede forhandlere i Danmark/Sverige, Norge og Finland kan kontakte Cycle Service Nordic:

  • Denmark/Sweden: Tele.: +45 6599 2411 //
  • Norway: Tele.: +47 6715 1060 //
  • Finland: Tele.: +358 10 271 3444 //